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When considering how to best leverage content for your food brand, it’s easy to get lost in the enormous breadth of creative possibilities. The process can be daunting and, at its worst, kill your team’s momentum. This ultimate guide to food video styles aims to streamline your creative process and help you focus on strategies that align with your brand’s goals. 

By developing a common language around the creative process, you’ll save time, retain your creative momentum, and direct your team’s energy efficiently. Here are some effective video styles that have proven successful for various food brands.

1. Kitchen Lifestyle Recipe Highlights

We’ve seen a lot of success with short, inspirational recipe videos around 15 seconds in length. These videos don’t necessarily include every step of a given recipe but instead provide a visually beautiful, broad-stroke instructional film demonstrating how to use a specific product. 

Pumpkin & Sage Risotto from Foodist Films on Vimeo.

2. Tabletop Recipe Videos

Full-length recipe videos (less than 60 seconds) offer a detailed, yet concise cooking guide. Although somewhat outdated for social media use as video times shorten, these are still highly effective for educational use on blogs and websites. 


As attention spans continue to shorten, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a great way to gain traction in a short period of time. Especially in food video, ASMR has continued to be proven effective. 


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4. Stop Motions and Cinemagraphs

Stop motion films are great tools for communicating product key messaging in a brief, digestible format. Cinemagraphs, or a still image with a small, repeated movement that creates the illusion of a video clip, also have a similar effect in delivering a quick and straightforward message to the audience. These options are more engaging than a photo and less demanding than full films. 


Catalina Crunch Cereal Stop Motion from Foodist Films on Vimeo.

5. Product Launch Videos

Product launch videos generate enthusiasm during strategic launch points. They can significantly boost engagement and sales.  


6. Product Promotion Videos

Product promotion videos give the audience CTA’s (Call to action) items that will get a company’s message across quickly and clearly. 


Vital Proteins: Female Vitality Ad from Foodist Films on Vimeo.

7. Seasonal Videos

Seasonal films are fantastic for maintaining a relevant feed and picking up seasonal traction. These videos can help your brand stay top-of-mind during key times of the year.


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Animations are another way to quickly communicate messaging of a product quickly and efficiently.  

Catalina Crunch Cookie Bite Animation from Foodist Films on Vimeo.


Short-form content like product hacks and helpful tips resonate well, especially on platforms like Instagram Reels. These videos are both engaging and informative. 


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10.Lifestyle Food Videography

Lifestyle food videos allow fans to envision how your product can be incorporated into their daily lives. These videos often showcase real-life scenarios and emotional connections while maintaining quality. 


Laird Superfoods Morning Jumpstart from Foodist Films on Vimeo.

11.Sizzle Reels

This term has been thrown around in the past few years in the marketing world as a way to title a product highlight, promotion, and product usage all in one video. It’s a great way to feature a product as a whole and is a great option for multiple ad placements. 

La Preferida Seasonings from Foodist Films on Vimeo.

12.User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) has surged in popularity as a powerful marketing tool in the past few years. By using authentic, real-life experiences shared by consumers, brands can build trust and foster community engagement. UGC not only provides relatable and genuine content, but also drives higher engagement rates compared to traditional advertising.

13.Food Photography

Last but not least, food photography is essential for many components of your marketing efforts. High-quality food photos are crucial for everything from social media posts to website banners and print ads. Food photography captures the essence of your product, making it irresistible to potential customers. Take a look at some of our favorite product photos that we have captured over the years to get an idea of how this can support your business and your marketing presence.

Bright sunny kitchen scene showcasing a delicious parfait with fruit, granola, and a popular food product. Perfect for highlighting your CPG brand through high-quality food videography and photography. Enhance your marketing with visually appealing parfait setups that attract and engage your audience.


Aligning brand styles with your marketing strategy allows your brand’s identity to come to life in every aspect of the film. Understanding food video styles isn’t just about visuals—it’s about strategically engaging your audience and forging connections with your brand. If you’re still struggling with where to start, check out our article Top Food Videography Styles for your CPG Food Brand’s Content Calendar. At Foodist Films, we specialize in creating compelling food content tailored to enhance your brand’s presence and impact. Explore our services and let’s bring your creative vision to life!

About Foodist Films: Foodist Films is a food videography agency that creates striking food content for food businesses, CPGs, and e-commerce companies. Whether you need a recipe videographer, food content creator, or a food video marketing agency, our team of creatives can help bring your vision to life! Reach out to collaborate with us!